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Complete Diphallia with no other associated congenital anomaly

Author : Nandini Sharma, Sonal Gupta, Mohit Goyal, Sunita Sattavan

Doi :   Page No : 136

Ring enhancing lesions on neuroimaging of childhood symptomatic epilepsy- A clinico-pathological study

Author : Pravakar Mishra, Deepak Ranjan B., N.K Pattnaik

Doi :   Page No : 146-148

Approach to Pancytopenia

Author : Murtaza Kamal

Doi :   Page No : 3-5

Spectrum of co-morbidities in severe acute malnutrition with unexpected dyselectrolytemia in diarrhea

Author : Hari S. Meshram, S. Manazir Ali, T. Shehab

Doi :   Page No : 6-9

A study establishing correlation of proteinuria and urine protein/creatinine ratio with disease severity in pediatric dengue fever

Author : Priyanka Datla, Uma Raju, Padmanabh Reddy, Srikrishna S, Tejas Deshmukh

Doi :   Page No : 24-28

Clinical profile and outcome of dengue in paediatric age group

Author : Ravindra Kumar, Anil Kumar Jaiswal

Doi :   Page No : 10-12

Comparison of Tuberculous meningitis in children with or without BCG Scar

Author : Ravindra Kumar, Binod Kumar Singh, Tauhid Iqbali

Doi :   Page No : 142-145

Harlequin Color Change in a New Born

Author : Gaurav Makhija, Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 40-41

Factors affecting the HIVpositive mothers for practicing exclusive breast feeding

Author : Hardas K. Chavda, Vijay B. Garchar

Doi :   Page No : 138-141

Curcumin for radiation induced enteritis: A review article

Author : Garima Singh, Deepti Sharma, AK Rathi, Kishore Singh

Doi :   Page No : 1-2

Pediatric optic ner-glioma: A case study

Author : Prasuna Jelly, SK Mohana Sundari

Doi :   Page No : 127-131

Neonatal candida guilliermondii sepsis-An unusual bug in neonatal intensive care unit

Author : Uma Raju, Shashank Panwar, Geetanjali Srivastava, Harshal Khade, Prasanna Srinivas

Doi :   Page No : 123-126

Distress of unemployment lead to cancer

Author : Robert Skopec

Doi :   Page No : 34-39

Association of measles antibody titres with nutritional status in paediatric population

Author : Mithlesh Dewangan, Zeeba Zaka-Ur-Rab, Ayesha Ahmad, Tabassum Shahab

Doi :   Page No : 51-55

Effect of peritoneal dialysis on malarial AKI children: a cross sectional study

Author : Nihar Ranjan Mishra, Prakash Chandra Panda, Sarthak Ranjan Nayak

Doi :   Page No : 46-50

Acute myeloid leukemia/ transient abnormal myelopoeisis masquerading as sepsis in a neonate with down syndrome

Author : Naved Akter, Veenu Agarwal, Prachi Kumar

Doi :   Page No : 42-44

Partial anodontia in permanent dention: A case report

Author : Shilpa P. H., Abhishek Jairaj, Deepthi N. G., Prashant Pareek, Kritika Sehrawat

Doi :   Page No : 125-126

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